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November 3 – November 6, 2019

Flow and Nourish with Charlotte Hardwick

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Retreat to the top of the Mountain, far away from the distractions, demands and expectations of the world around you and find sacred space to nourish your body, mind and soul! Yogi Charlotte Hardwick invites you to slow down and soften with yoga sequences to support your nervous system –restoring a sense of steadiness, grace and ease. Enjoy time on your mat that honors the basics of the practice and kindle creativity through journaling or pottery. Appreciate beautiful food and grow in self-discovery as you create rituals and routines to sustain you long after you leave.


Don't Miss

  • Flow through daily yoga sessions with Charlotte Hardwick.
  • Nourish with specially curated wellness-focused meals.
  • Gather in the kitchen for a cooking demonstration.
  • Dive deeper with journaling sessions, a pottery class and mindful hikes.

What To Expect?

This experience is curated to benefit and enrich all levels of experience. The group will enjoy connection through yoga practices, creative sessions, meals and activities together, with time for leisure opportunities as well. Daily yoga will be guided by Charlotte Hardwick with support from the Blackberry Mountain Wellness team.

Level of Intensity

Yoga sessions are designed to be approachable and welcoming for all experience levels, focusing on nourishing the mind, body and soul. The event is well-suited to beginners and advanced practitioners inspired to return to the benefits of the basics. Hikes will range in intensity, accommodating varying needs. All activities are fully supported by the Blackberry Mountain Wellness and Adventure teams.


Charlotte Hardwick

Charlotte Hardwick

Yoga Instructor