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September 29 – October 2, 2019

Healing Food with Seamus Mullen

Shape your relationship with food for health and happiness

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Beyond his talents in the kitchen, Chef Seamus Mullen has become a leading voice in the conversation on food and wellness and how rethinking your relationship with food has a profound impact on health and lifestyle. Absorb motivation and advice in stimulating conversation then put that motivation into action with opportunity to move through cycling, yoga and more. Leave the Mountain with recipes and techniques that will help you foster your redefined connection to food and wellness long after the event. Take advantage of a rare opportunity to get in and out of the kitchen with Seamus and spark the flame of new lifestyle goals!


Don't Miss

  • ‘Get the travel out’ with an arrival day hike.
  • Gather around the bonfire for storytelling.
  • Explore your relationship with food in motivational conversation with Chef Mullen.
  • Learn tips, techniques and helpful recipes directly from Chef Mullen.
  • Join us at the table for special meals and time to further connect, featuring cuisine from Chef Mullen.
  • Discover Chef Mullen’s favorite fitness activities including yoga, mountain biking and more.

What To Expect?

This curated experience features intellectually stimulating conversation with a balance of outdoor activities and leisure time. Enjoy group activities and meals to continue connection with the personality and the group beyond conversations. Whether you’re looking to get active or engage in new insights on our relationship with food, there is something for everyone in this event.

Level of Intensity

This event will include both enrichment and active offerings. Physical activities will be high energy but low to medium intensity. There will be a range of options so you can select what suites your fitness and interest level. All outdoor and adventure activities are fully supported by the Blackberry Mountain Wellness and Adventure teams.


Seamus Mullen

Seamus Mullen